About MSC

Message from the president

Identifying and developing leaders who can thrive on the challenge of making change happen

Since its foundation in 1966, Management Services Center has been building long term relationships with many clients. Many changes have taken place in the business environment during these decades, but changes have accelerated and become more complicated in recent years.

Degree of uncertainties and chaos is increasing in terms of political situations which swing between globalization of economy and industries and its backlash, handling customer needs which are becoming increasingly diverse, generation gap in how they perceive work, and possibility of new technologies and their risks.

Under such extreme changes, leaders bear important roles to bring growth and progress to their companies. For example, executive leaders may need to redefine organizational and social mission and formulate and implement strategies which can provide new customer values utilizing latest technologies. Leaders at workplace may need to communicate changes in the market place within the organization accurately and at a timely manner, and leverage diverse resources in and outside the company to achieve success.

Management Service Center will assess leaders and leader candidates based upon clients’ business environments and their accompanying HR issues, encourage their behavior changes, and support acceleration of human resource development with full commitment.

President Masahiro Tohyama