About MSC

Corporate Philosophy

Our Mission

MSC supports identification of potential leaders
and their skill development,
and contribute to our clients as a growing
partner ourselves to accompany
their business changes and growth

Corporate Values


Building trust should be the basis of all work in MSC. With each employee recognizing one’s tasks and role and executing them sincerely, they build excellent long term relationship with the team, colleagues and clients and dynamically engage in organizational activities.


In order to support our clients’ sustainable growth, we are sensitive to environmental changes and offer the best and optimal service utilizing new ideas and technologies.


For the realization of our clients’ new value creation, we improve all spectrums of our service qualities including speed and convenience and offer high value added services using our leadership development expertise.


In order to support our clients’ effort to build organizations that execute strategies, we work with perseverance and pursue clients’ success.

Value Propositions

Identify leaders who can
execute business strategy.

Against the backdrop of changing business strategies and revising HR systems in a changing environment, there is a growing need to align business strategies with HR strategies. For this reason, it is important to create HR and human resource development plan that is aligned with the future goals and business plans.
While each company has its own set of business challenges to address, we help you identify strategic priorities and clarify the business drivers that will drive your business forward. This will help you identify the success profiles needed at each level, clarify the factors that drive success, and optimize human resource development.

Business Priorities

Business Priorities

Business objectives and organizational values

Business Drivers

Business Drivers

Broad leadership challenges that must be conquered to successfully execute the strategic and cultural priorities

Success Profiles

Success Profiles

The critical knowlede , experiences , competencies , and personal attributes required for success in leadership role or role level

Objectively Assess individual

It is a critical mission of HR to objectively evaluate the abilities and qualities of each individual and to keep track of where and what talents are available. MSC, with its expertise in human resource assessment for various leading companies, provides assessment solutions that meet the needs of companies. A well-designed assessment not only provides highly objective human resource data to management team and HR, but also gain understanding of the results and motivates participants for further development by providing individual reports and feedback interviews. In addition, by clarifying the requirements at each level and selecting and creating high-potential pool for future leaders, it will bring successful educational investment and strategic leadership developmentis.

Design learning experiences to
develop competencies.

In order to support dimensions/competencies developmnet to realize business strategies, it is essential to design learning that is supported by experience and research. Our learning design consists of four elements: (1) learning steps, (2) learning content, (3) facilitator involvement, and (4) learning environment/user interface. Based on your learning culture, we provide a learning experience (from a one-time event, short-term training session to a learning journey that spans six months, a year, or longer) by combining these four elements that achieve the goals