Leadership Development

How can you power your leaders with the right development?

  • Define Your Leadership Future
  • Diagnose Leadership Strengths and Gaps
  • Develop Leaders for Today and Tomorrow
  • Design the Right Solution
  • Measure and Sustain Leadership

Global Talent Management

In recent years, although Japanese companies’ global expansion has accelerated due to stagnation of domestic demand and active overseas market, Japan’s global competitiveness has decreased.

MSC, in collaboration with DDI, meets the following needs from various bases in the world.

  • Developing a common HR and development systems across the globe
  • Developing leaders who can achieve success in a global environment
  • Penetrating and executing global management strategy

Developing a world-class leader in Japan

Built to serve multinational clients in a strong partnership with DDI

Track record of more than 19,000 clients through collaboration with DDI

Our partner, DDI (Development Dimensions International), is a world class leadership consulting company who boasts many clients from the Fortune 500 and 100 Best Companies to Work For list. DDI has proven its consultation effectiveness through its comprehensive research over 50 years.

Serving clients across 93 countries

In the midst of fast globalization of businesses, there is a heightened need for having HR development policies based on consistent HR concepts or policies in and outside of the HQ country. As a global vendor, MSC provides a robust support for clients’ globalization from HR strategy/development perspectives, leveraging a strong partnership with DDI.

Serving clients across 93 countries

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